How to Improve Your Sex Life

Prost-P10x Customer TestimonialsIf you feel like your sexual performance and libido can use a boost, there are many natural solutions. The good news is that you can improve your sex life with some simple lifestyle changes that will provide you with noticeable changes in your testosterone level and sexual performance.

From knowing what to eat (and not eat) to exercising and getting enough sleep, you have the ability to make changes that can boost your body’s production of this important sex hormone. Here’s how to improve your sex life and prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) with diet, exercise, and some other healthy lifestyle changes.


Your diet plays an important role in your sexual health. There are foods that cause erectile dysfunction you should avoid such as meat, high-protein diets, fried foods, processed foods, and soy. And there are heart-healthy foods that support good blood flow, which is important for preventing ED because if your cardiovascular health is compromised, then you may experience problems with ED. In fact, many men do not realize that ED is one of the early signs of heart trouble.  That is why in the medical community, ED is also an acronym for “early death.”

One of the best diets to follow for good cardiovascular, prostate, and sexual health is the Mediterranean diet, which includes healthy oils, fish, and a lot of fruits and vegetables. Beets, watermelon, pistachios, pomegranate, tomatoes, and wild oats are known for being some of the top foods for male performance.


Getting enough sleep (about seven to eight hours) each night is very important for helping your body produce and regulate your testosterone levels. It’s like a catch-22 for aging men who may want to sleep better and promote their testosterone production, yet find that they have wake up several times per night to urinate due to their enlarged prostate. That is why managing your prostate health with diet, exercise, and prostate supplements is important to getting adequate sleep and managing your hormones. If you still need help in getting more quality shut-eye, here are some tips to help men sleep better at night.


Exercise is important for both prostate health and boosting testosterone. A recent study found that exercise can also help prevent benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate. Researchers evaluated 582 men aged 40 years and older and found that men who were more active and less sedentary had a lower risk for developing BPH.

If you are looking to boost your testosterone, exercise is a great natural way to do that. The most effective exercises include lifting weights, doing cardiovascular interval training, and doing endurance exercises. Both endurance exercise and a combination of endurance and resistance exercise have been shown to raise free testosterone levels. (Rezaee 2014)

Weight Loss

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is key to helping to increase your testosterone levels, looking better, and improving your overall health. Fat cells convert testosterone and androstenedione (a precursor of testosterone) into the female hormone estrogen (estradiol). In fact, men whose estrogen and testosterone levels get out of balance can experience symptoms similar to those women face in menopause, such as weight gain and enlarged breasts. When men lose excess body fat, they not only lower their estrogen level but also stop their loss of testosterone.

If you are carrying excess weight, it’s important to lose the fat, and in the process you will boost your testosterone. A bonus is that when you look and feel better your partner will take notice. You will also find that you have more stamina. Losing weight also improves your prostate health, helping to prevent and manage prostatitis, BPH, and prostate cancer.

A Natural Approach Is Best

Your diet and lifestyle can greatly affect your sexual health. If you want to protect your erection, here are some more health tips: don’t smoke and limit your alcohol consumption to no more than two drinks per day. Less is better. Alcohol may lower your inhibitions, but it may also lower your erection and sexual performance. Regularly drinking excessively can decrease your testosterone levels by eliminating it from your blood stream and lowering your production rate of testosterone.

Changing your habits and diet will put you on the right path for maintaining your sexual health. Additionally you may consider taking a male health supplement such as EveryDay Male to support your body’s natural hormone production for a healthy libido and erectile function. Unlike testosterone replacement therapy, supplements help promote your own body’s hormone production without the scary and unwanted side effects.

Keep in mind that any food or activity that good for your heart is good for your sexual health. Heart health and sexual health are intertwined so if you eat a heart-healthy diet you’ll improve your sex life as well. If you already eat well and exercise but are still concerned about ED, you may want to talk to your health care provider about other possible health or psychological causes.


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