How To Choose the Best Prostate Supplement

Prost-P10x - Best Prostate Supplement

Prost-P10x – Best Prostate Supplement

“There are so Many Prostate Supplements I am Confused. What Do I Believe?”

Does this sound like you?

There are just so many companies marketing prostate supplements to men that no wonder it’s confusing. Company X says they are #1 and Company Y says they are too! What and who to believe?

I am going to try and clear up some of the misconceptions for you to give you some facts and better information so you can make an informed decision. If you are really interested in getting all the information you need to make an intelligent and informed decision about what prostate supplement to buy then I urge you to read on before spending your hard earned money.

First, a full disclosure. We run this website to educate men about prostate health. We advertise and promote Prost-P10x on this site because it is the only prostate supplement available to men who really want to make a difference; and we are affiliated with that product. Our customers use Prost-P10x because they get results and because they know they are getting looked after by a company that cares about their health; as we are all trying to stay healthy together and on this earth to help each other.

With that in mind here are some facts and misconceptions you should know before buying Prost-P10x or any other prostate product.

Fact #1: Every website that claims a product is #1 is either owned by the company selling that product or is being paid to make those claims

You’ve seen the sites all over the Internet claiming product x is the #1 prostate supplement. There are dozens of them. They usually include a “newsreader” looking guy (not a doctor) telling you how good the product is based on “independent” studies and reviews. These websites include “review” sites and other “news” sites and companies with official looking “reports” about their products.

None of these sites are independent. They only have one objective. To convince you to buy their product. They often employ what are called “affiliate” networks to help them sell and market their products. These are small websites that are paid to write positive reviews on their products and market those articles on the Internet. They receive a fee for doing this. They are paid based on how many sales they accumulate.

Fact #2: There is no such thing as a “Free Trial”

In life “nothing is free” and the same goes for prostate supplements. Please take this as fact from us and we will say it one more time “nothing is free”!

If it was free, then why do you need to use a credit card: for payment of shipping?

Companies that offer free trials only have one thing in mind; to get your credit card so they can 1) charge you the FULL price as soon as possible for the supplement they sent you and 2) make it extremely hard if not impossible to cancel any future automatic shipments that they have signed you up for automatically as part of the “free offer”. In the Internet marketing industry this is known as a “negative option”; giving away a free sample in order to get your credit card details so that you are automatically charged for more product when you don’t cancel (usually you are given a very short period to cancel like 7-14 days from shipment).

We can 100% unconditionally say that if you sign up for a “free trial offer” from any company you will pay for it many times over. Just search “[name of supplement] scam” in relation to any of the companies offering “free trials” and you will find hundreds of complaints about credit card fraud. Stay away from these companies that provide “free trials” and instead choose a prostate company that has a money back guarantee so if you are not happy you can just return the product for a full refund.

Our advice: Avoid companies that offer “Free Trials” as they will end up costing you many more times over in money and time. Buy from a company like Prostate Research Labs that offers a money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Fact #3: Your Prostate Supplement You Have Taken in the Past Maybe Didn’t Work for a Very Good Reason

Most men get frustrated with natural supplements because they didn’t work and there is a very good reason for that. It’s plain and simple.

What you have been purchasing in the past either did not have the right ingredients that have been shown to be successful in the clinical trials; or you were not getting the correct dose in the amounts to make a difference. Most prostate supplements have very minimal dosages of the ingredients required to make a difference. Even the most popular brands of prostate supplements you see on TV only have minimal ingredients.

You cannot expect to fight a war with a single soldier! You need an army of ingredients to win the war on better prostate health. Read the ingredients and add up the total milligrams in the formula you are taking. Most of them also have only one active ingredient. You are being told over and over again on TV to take beta-sitosterol as a magic cure but nothing could be further from the truth. You need a combination formula in the right ingredients to make a difference. You cannot rely on a single ingredient to get you back to better health.

Prost-P10x has 12 ingredients at therapeutic strength to make a difference. We have over 6x the ingredient levels and strength of popular, commercially marketed brands.

One final thing on this point: most companies also “hide” the actual amount of ingredients in a “proprietary blend”. This is a way to hide the actual amount of ingredients in each bottle. Count up the actual ingredients and look at the active ingredients that have real studies and clinical research to back up those claims.

Only buy from companies that fully disclose all the ingredients on the Supplement Panel. Prost-P10x discloses 100% all the ingredients so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Fact #4: Prostate Supplements Don’t Work for All Men

Here’s the truth. Prostate Supplements don’t work for all men. Those companies that claim otherwise are simply wrong. But here is the other truth; the DRUGS that men purchase or are prescribed by their doctors for the same purpose work less than 60% of the time! And the drugs come with side effects like a increased risk of prostate cancer (Proscar) and sexual dysfunction (Flomax).

Breaking News: Prost-P10x Has One of the Highest Independent Ratings on Independent Review Site with 89% four and five star positive reviews.

Nothing works 100% of the time for 100% of the men. What Prost-P10x is however is the BEST chance at a natural solution. If you are going to try supplements then you might as well use the most clinical grade formula with the most positive results for their customers. Prost-P10x does not work for 100% of men. No company can claim this. But we get fantastic results for those men that we are helping to lead better lives. In fact, Prost-P10x also posts their NEGATIVE reviews online as well as all their POSITIVE reviews. We do this so that men have ALL the information they need to make up their minds. We don’t know of a single other company that openly posts their negative reviews (there aren’t many but we have nothing to hide).

Fact #5: Only Buy Ingredients that Have Been Proven to Work!

When you buy Prost-P10x you are buying only those ingredients that have been shown in the clinical studies to work. And you become part of a community of people that are dedicated to keeping you informed and up to date with the best information and latest research on your health.

If I was to ask you to name 2 ingredients for prostate health you would probably say saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol right? They are the most commonly known.

But they are also the least understood.

Saw palmetto, for example, only works when it is in a combination formula like the ingredients in Prost-P10x. That is what the studies have shown. On it’s own it is no better than a placebo.

Beta sitosterol is also widely misunderstood. It’s well marketed by big supplement companies as a “miracle” ingredient however the best clinical studies on beta sitosterol have been (1) at 3 x 20mg a day and (2) a study showing 130mg a day; that’s all. There are no studies showing higher levels work better for prostate health; only one showing 800mg worked for cholesterol, not prostate health. Ask the companies you are looking at buying from to show you the studies that show “more is better”. All our customers at Prost-P10x are sent copies of the major clinical studies when ordering – we only include those ingredients in the levels that have been proven.

These are only two of the 12 ingredients in Prost-P10x. In fact we have over 5x the levels of ingredients in total than commercially available products. What is important however is the following:

Prost-P10x ONLY includes those ingredients that have been shown to be effective in the clinical studies and research. We research all the ingredients and Dr. Geo implements those findings in his urology practice to determine what works and what doesn’t. We fully disclose all our ingredients and the studies on our website here where you can download all the studies. Click here to download the studies on the ingredients in Prost-P10x

Prost-P10x is the #1 highest rated 5-star prostate supplement on because it works! Guaranteed or your money back.


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