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Men who are looking for an easy way to boost testosterone levels may find the answer is an adjustment to their daily schedule. The results of a recent study suggest you may enhance your T levels by engaging in a short but vigorous session of weight training or sprints in the morning hours.

Testosterone levels naturally decline throughout the day, which means you can be left feeling lethargic and off your game by the end of the day. Such a drop in T isn’t exactly a plus for an after work run or gym session.

Kicking up late-day testosterone could be resolved by an early morning workout. The authors of the research came to this conclusion when they put a rugby team through certain routines. First, saliva samples were collected from each of the men. Then, the team was divided into three groups: one group did no exercise in the morning, the second group ran five-by-40-meter sprints, and the third performed bench presses and squats for three reps at maximum weight.

In the afternoon, each of the men provided another saliva sample before they all performed a three-rep maximum of back squats and bench presses, a 40-meter sprint, and a countermovement jump.

Here’s what the reviewers found:

  • Men who had lifted in the morning had the highest afternoon testosterone levels and performed the best in the afternoon exercise session
  • Men who had sprinted in the morning did better in the afternoon sprint but did not do well on the lifting. These men had T levels that were higher than those in the control group but lower than the men who had lifted
  • Men in the morning control group performed the worst during the afternoon session and also had the lowest testosterone levels

According to one of the study’s authors, Christian Cook, these findings appear to indicate that appropriate exercise in the morning can “prime the body for the event later in the day.” However, he also warned that because the participants “were all fast, strong guys,” men who are less physically active can expect a less dramatic effect.

The recommendation for weekend warriors is to go easier on the morning exercise routines and double down on days when there are games or other physically demanding activities planned for later. Men can also get testosterone support and better exercise and sexual performance by taking a high-quality natural testosterone support and performance booster.


Cook CJ et al. Morning based strength training improves afternoon physical performance in rugby union players. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 2014 May; 17(3): 317-21

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