Going Green: Green Tea Prostate Benefits

green tea prostate benefitsGoing Green: Green Tea Prostate Benefits

Green tea prostate benefits are many. Green tea boosts immunity. It helps fight cancers such as prostate cancer. Plus, green tea health benefits are helpful in managing urinary symptoms of an enlarged prostate and promoting normal prostate size. The anti-inflammatory and antimcriobial benefits of green tea can even help prostatitis sufferers. If you are concerned about your prostate health, green tea may be one of best drinks or supplements for you to consider.

What is so great about green tea prostate benefits, and how does green differ from other teas? Part of what gives green tea its power is that the leaves of other types of tea are oxidized while green tea leaves are not. Because they are not oxidized, green tea leaves are able to maintain essential substances. Green tea contains antioxidants called catechins. One of the most potent catechins in the tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Studies show that the amount of green tea you get is proportional to the green tea prostate benefits you receive. The higher levels of green tea/EGCG you consume mean the greater the benefits.

Green Tea for Prostate Cancer

According to the World Health Organization, countries like Japan that boast high green tea consumption have a much lower prostate cancer rate (about three times lower) than the United States. Men in Japan commonly consume 10 cups of green tea per day. Diet also plays a role, but the research on green tea and prostate cancer has demonstrated that a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer is proportional to the amount of green tea he drinks and how often he drinks it.

Green tea works to help fight prostate cancer by slowing the growth of prostate cancer cells and causing prostate cancer cells to die. At the same time, green tea can stimulate certain immune cells that fight cancerous tumors. Green tea is also useful in preventing cancer in men with precancerous lesions. According to one study, taking 600 mg of green tea extract can reduce the risk of precancerous lesions from developing into prostate cancer.

Green Tea for Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is a common health problem for aging men. The catechins found in green tea can promote normal prostate size and reduce a man’s risk of BPH. According to studies, green tea can help regulate DHT production and the hormones that affect PSA and prostate volume. Urinary symptoms common to BPH are nighttime urination, frequent urination, and issues with urine flow. Green tea’s powerful antioxidants can help men manage these annoying urinary symptoms. Reduction of symptoms can lead to a higher quality of life. These are just some of the reasons green tea is also on our list of the top natural treatments for urinary tract infections.

How Much Green Tea Is in a Supplement?

According to Food and Drug Administration’s requirements for supplements, the product’s label should list the plant’s species name and the part of the plant used. For example, Prost-P10x, which is one of the best prostate supplements, contains green tea. The Prost-P10x label says that the product contains 500 mg of green tea leaf extract from Camellia sinensis standardized to 45% EGCG. So we know the species and that this extract is from the plant’s leaves.

When you are researching green tea supplements or brewable teas for drinking, make sure you read the product’s label to determine the EGCG levels in the product. If it does not state the EGCG amount, you can figure it out from the amount of green tea extract. The amount of EGCG in a product is about half of the amount of green tea extract. For example, 600 mg of a highly concentrated green tea extract provides 454 mg of catechins, and 311 mg of EGCG.

Keep an eye on the supplement or tea’s caffeine level. Strive for caffeine-free products. Another reason Prost-P10x is a top prostate supplement is that it is caffeine-free. You want to avoid caffeine if you are concerned about your prostate health. Caffeine can aggravate BPH symptoms and even contribute to incontinence. Read more about incontinence in men linked to caffeine.

Getting the Most Green for Your Green

Not that green tea is expensive, but you want to get the most green tea prostate benefits for your money spent. And there are definitely some products that are a waste of your time and money. Avoid bottled green tea beverages. They are the most expensive green tea products, and they contain the least amount of actual green tea.

Instead look to supplements, which are some of the more affordable and standardized options for quality green tea extract.

If you enjoy drinking green tea, there are quality teas you can brew that contain a high level of ECGC for little cost. Be aware to avoid teas that have nylon filters, which bind with EGCG and catechins. Nylon filters will prevent EGCG and catechins from getting into your tea. You don’t need to steep the tea for more than three minutes to reap its benefits.

Purity of your tea is also important. Tea leaves that come from China may have higher lead levels in them, probably from pollution. It is something you should be aware of when buying tea, especially if you prefer loose-leaf teas. Using a filter like a tea bag, a fine strainer, or a Keurig K-Cup, which has a built-in filter, will do just fine in keeping the lead out of the tea. Make sure you do not swallow the tea leaves, because lead is found only in the leaves. Researchers have not reported measurable lead levels in Japanese teas.

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