Natural Treatments for Prostatitis

natural treatments for prostatitisNatural Treatments for Prostatitis

Many men looking for natural treatments for prostatitis look to natural supplements when they get no relief from Cipro or other antibiotics that provide no relief when the prostatitis is non-bacterial. Men who have CPPS or chronic pelvic pain syndrome are often left to look for natural treatments for prostatitis which may include acupuncture, pelvic therapy, prostate massage or other natural prostatitis treatments.

Supplements such as Prost-P10x contain guaranteed amounts of the ingredients, such as Quercetin (500mg), that have shown to be effective in the studies of Quercetin for prostatitis. In addition, the combination of Curcumin, Quercetin, and Graminex pollen extract provides the most effective formula for natural prostatitis relief.

Men looking for a natural prostatitis treatment should combine diet, stress management, natural therapies, exercise and pelvic therapy in order to obtain the best relief.

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