prostate supplement reviews

Prostate Supplement Reviews

There are lots of prostate supplement reviews online. 99.9% of them are fake and are either written by the company themselves on a fake “news” website, or have been set up by Internet marketers being paid by the company to provide a fake review and/or ranking. So be careful!

Why are we any different? This page is dedicated to providing you with the questions that you need to ask yourself when you are buying a prostate supplement. It’s sponsored by Prost-P10x and is here to help you. Whether or not you buy our product, please keep these questions in mind when looking at purchasing a prostate supplement.

Here are the questions to ask when you are doing your research:


Are All the Ingredients Listed on the Supplement Panel?

We’ve reviewed all the supplements in order to determine if all the ingredients were listed on the supplement panel. Note it is important to distinguish between what is actually on the supplement panel and what is required by the FDA. Many companies list their ingredients as a “Proprietary Formula” which does not require you to list what is exactly in the formula. This is, in our opinion, just a way of not disclosing how “little” of each of the ingredients are actually in the product as you can basically list 100’s of ingredients, with none of them having any therapeutic value. This is not good practice.

The most credible and open policy is to list all the ingredients on the Supplement Panel including exact details of all the ingredients and their individual levels so you can be sure you are getting what you pay for.

Read details on the Prost-P10x formula here 

Are the Ingredient Studies Listed on the Website?

We believe it is important to list the studies of the ingredients on the website so look for companies that have open disclosure about the studies and provide clinical research on all the ingredients in their product. Most of the ingredients marketed to men have limited or no clinical support in the clinical trials and research studies.

This is even more of a reason to only buy a prostate supplement that is made and formulated by companies that only specialize in prostate health so that you always have a formula that is supported by the latest research and clinical studies as well as what works in practice with patients.

Is the Company in Compliance with FDA?

Some of the companies we researched were not in compliance with FDA labeling or ingredient requirements or were in breach of other FDA rules and regulations. This information was taken from review of Saw Palmetto supplements earlier this year that found 2 products to be in breach of FDA labeling rules.

Prost-P10x is manufactured, tested and bottled in a state of the art facility in Forsyth, MI, USA. The Prost-P10x manufacturing facility is FDA audited and is an ISO 9001 NSF certified laboratory. NSF GMP Practices are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures, and documentation to assure that Prost-P10x has the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that it is represented to possess.

Does the Company Provide a Money Back Guarantee?

Not all companies provide a money back guarantee so look for a product that has a money back guarantee beyond 30 days and also one that allows you to return an opened bottle as part of that guarantee.

Prost-P10x provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all orders.

Does the Company List the Full Name and Other Details of Testimonials from Real Customers?

Use of testimonials is common amongst prostate supplement companies. What is even more common is fake testimonials and ones that use public images/photos of male “models” which are obviously not real customers. When reviewing the testimonials please keep in mind the following:

A. Does the testimonial look real?
B. Does the photo look real?
C. Has the full name been provided as well as other details?
D. Are the names ‘Amazon Verified” for credibility?
E. Overall, is the testimonial “believable”?

It is also worthwhile reviewing the Amazon reviews on the product that you are looking at purchasing for additional information on the product.

Read details on Prost-P10x Success Stories with Real Customers here

Is the Prostate Supplement Formulated to Support all Aspects of Prostate Health?

When choosing a prostate supplement make sure that the main prostate health concerns are supported by the formula. Most prostate supplements only look to support one condition and don’t have the necessary ingredients to support overall prostate health. Look for a broad therapeutic strength formula like Prost-P10x to provide full prostate health support.

Read details on the Prost-P10x formula here

Does the Company Provide Free Shipping?

Companies that provide “Free Shipping” on all orders are to be preferred. Many companies do not disclose the shipping terms up front and wait for you to get to the checkout before charging shipping. Make sure that that you check that “Free Shipping” is available on all orders also and not just for orders over a certain limit.

Prost-P10x is Free Shipping on all orders

Is the Formula Therapeutic Strength? Will it Make a Difference to My Prostate?

This is the most important question when looking at prostate supplement reviews as most prostate supplements do not have the level of ingredients that will make a difference to your prostate health. It is important to use a product that has high levels of therapeutic strength ingredients that have the chance of making a difference to your prostate health. The easiest way to find this out is to look on the Supplement Panel and count the exact ingredients in the product in milligrams (note, don’t count micrograms (mcg’s) as these are 1000th of a milligram and do not have any relevance or strength). Add up all the ingredients and then compare products before making a decision as to the prostate supplement that has the best chance of having a positive effect.

And as we stated above, avoid all products that claim “proprietary blends” as this is just a way of not disclosing what is actually in the product. If you are paying for a product you should know exactly what you are getting with all the ingredients listed on the supplement panel.

Read details on the Prost-P10x formula containing 3320mg + 1000IU of ingredients here

Is the Supplement Manufactured in the USA and FDA Compliant?

We support local products and local ingredients. In particular, we support those ingredients that we know have been through testing and quality control in the USA. Make sure you also ask:

A. Is the manufacturing facility FDA compliant?
B. Is the manufacturing facility ISO 9001 compliant?
C. Is the manufacturing facility NSF and GMP registered?
D. Is the company registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
E. Is the product in compliance with FDA labeling and ingredient requirements?

It is nearly impossible to find out from most companies websites where their product is manufactured and whether it is made in the USA.

Prost-P10x however is fully and 100% manufactured in the USA.

Verification of ingredients and specific testing of Prost-P10x in our manufacturers lab under the supervision of a staff of Ph.Ds includes:

–       Chemical Analysis (to ensure potency of our formulas)

–       Physical Analysis (to ensure dosage, weight, hardness, disintegration and overall appearance)

–       Microbiology Analysis (to ensure all materials are not contaminated with yeast, mold, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides etc.)

The Prost-P10x manufacturer is also:

• cGMPs compliant for nutritional supplements in accordance with USP

• NSF International registered as a GMP manufacturing facility

• ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited as an in-house laboratory

• A provider of Veri-Match electronic labeling match to ensure content formula accuracy

• VCP (Vendor Certification Program) certified to ensure raw material quality

• FDA Audit Compliant

• An approved facility to produce Certified Organic products

• An approved facility to produce NSF Certified for Sport® products  (free of banned substances as noted from the World’s Doping Organization)

• Danish Medicine Agency GMP Certified

• A member of the Council For Responsible Nutrition

Does the Company Provide Live Customer Care and Other Support for their Product?

Many companies only provide email support for their product and do not even provide a phone number on their website. Please review the customer service and other contact details relating to the prostate supplement you are looking to purchase and make sure that you have a live telephone number in the USA that you can call as well as email contact details that are responsive to requests for more information. Email the company you are looking to buy from and ask them a question about prostate health to determine how much they know about your condition and how educated they are about prostate health. Only deal with companies that understand prostate health and are not just marketing companies for prostate supplements on late night TV and radio.

Get more information on Prost-P10x here


We fully disclose our association with Prost-P10x and believe the information provided in this site is factually correct based on all the publicly available information and the reasonable research we have undertaken. Our mission is to provide open and full information about prostate supplements so that consumers can make their own, educated and informed, choice about products that are vital to their health and wellness. Ultimately, we hope consumers will be informed enough to make the decision to purchase Prost-P10x based on all the research and fully disclosed facts about prostate health and prostate supplement ingredients. What we are trying to do is to pose the questions that we believe consumers should be asking when looking for the best prostate supplement so they make a purchase based on the best information possible that we believe is important. We care about men’s health and our community of men that we support with the best, most clinically researched product available for prostate health.

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