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Health Scare of the Week – Popular Medications Tied to Brain Damage

Your favorite cold medicine could be shrinking your brain. A new study reveals that drugs used to treat colds and a range of other common health issues, including allergies, heartburn, hypertension, insomnia, and depression, may erode gray matter and increase … Read more


How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Fight Aging

If you are serious about tackling the effects of growing older, the findings of research from the University of Guelph may cause you to change your approach to nutrition. The new study has revealed how omega-3 fatty acids fight aging … Read more


9 Places Where Common American Diseases Very Rarely Occur

Despite the significant amount of research that continues to be conducted on common diseases, experts are still relatively uncertain about their causes. One reason for this uncertainty is the fact that both genetic and environmental factors are involved, and the … Read more


New Serious Risks in Prostate and Hair-Loss Drugs (Propecia/Proscar)

The side effects of the most common male-pattern baldness pill – depression, insomnia, erectile dysfunction – may be worse than we thought. And potentially permanent. Go see your doctor about a receding hairline and there’s a good chance you’ll walk … Read more


Easy Way to Boost Testosterone Levels

Men who are looking for an easy way to boost testosterone levels may find the answer is an adjustment to their daily schedule. The results of a recent study suggest you may enhance your T levels by engaging in a … Read more


5 Healthy Snacks to Buy for Your Husband

  It’s in both your and your husband’s interest for him to eat better. Avoiding the wrong foods and eating the right nutritious foods that nourish his heart, brain, prostate, and sexual health will help him feel great and stay … Read more


The Top 10 Health Benefits of Sex for Men

benefits of sex for men

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Sex In case you need more reasons to have sex, there are some surprising health benefits of sex for men that might just motivate you to grab your partner. Having sex can provide some … Read more


10 Steps to Lowering Triglycerides

steps to lowering triglycerides

10 Steps to Lowering Triglycerides When you get your cholesterol checked with a blood test (often called a lipid panel) you may see a number for “triglycerides.” Triglycerides are a type of lipid (fat) in your blood and are an important … Read more


Is It Alzheimer’s or Dementia or Memory Loss?

Alzheimer's or dementia

Can’t Find Your Keys? Forgetting Simple Things?Are You Losing Your Mind? As we age we have more and more of those moments when we think we are literally “losing our minds!” The simplest of things become harder to recall, and … Read more


What Causes Male Pelvic Pain?

male pelvic pain

What Causes Male Pelvic Pain? Male pelvic pain has a number of different causes. One of the most common types of male pelvic pain, affecting 50% of men at some point in their lives, is prostatitis. There are several types … Read more


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