Prost-P10x Reviews

Prost-P10x reviews

UPDATE: *Douglas Laboratories, the manufacturer of Prost-P10x, was rated the #1 Healthcare Practitioner Brand in 2013 by a survey conducted by Over 10,000 supplement users reported their satisfaction with 1,438 brands and 851 supplement merchants. In the report responses are analyzed by respondent age, gender and level of supplement use. Read more

Our Prost-P10x reviews summarize the comments made by men who are on the Prost-P10x health program and are looking to naturally manage the severity of the symptoms associated with an aging prostate or pelvic and sexual discomfort.

Prost-P10x reviews can be divided in to a number of groups depending on the condition of prostate health. When looking for a prostate supplement it is important to read all the reviews of men who have a similar condition to yours so that you can determine whether the natural supplement is right for you and whether you have a chance at the best therapeutic results for your condition.

Prost-P10x Reviews – Men Looking for Better Prostate Health

The best way to review the comments made by men looking for better prostate health is to review the Prost-P10x website as well as the independent reviews on which can be found by clicking here.

Here is a sample of some of the reviews. Click on the link for more information.

A Medical Doctor of 30 Years – Excellent Improvement with my BPH symptoms. Three weeks after instituting Prost-P10x, there was a very substantial improvement in my BPH symptoms. – More information

Robert Stoddard – “It helps my urine flow”. More information

Jim. P – “I sleep through the night”. More information

D. Guinther – “There is a lot of value here”. More information

Ryann Hann – “Excellent supplement”. More information

J. Levine – “It exceeded my expectations”. More information

T. Shah – “As a retired primary physician I strongly recommend this supplement for you to try”. More information

Dr. Chris Gelenter – “Excellent product for prostate health. I am very pleased with Prost-P10x and I strongly recommend it.”. More information

Read more testimonials and success stories of men who have achieved better prostate health with Prost-P10x by clicking here.

Prost-P10x Reviews for Men Looking for Help with Prostatitis

Men looking for help with prostatitis can read the Prost-P10x reviews of men who have achieved better pelvic and sexual health through the Prost-P10x prostate health program. Here is a sample:

Nathan. W – “The best product I have found” – Read more

Crown Hoffman – “Working great, noticeable changes” – Read more

Timothy Birchett – “Help at last. I cancelled my surgery” – Read more

Glenn Wood – “Working great” – Read more

Dutch – “Not a miracle cure but definitely works” – Read more

Kel Bud – “Finished the first month and am symptom free” – Read more

You can read all the Prost-P10x reviews on men with prostatitis on the company website by clicking here as all the Amazon reviews here.

Featured Prost-P10x Reviews

Ryan Hann “Prost-P10x is an excellent supplement. Having suffered from severe bacterial prostatitis for over 10 years I have tried nearly every supplement available to help alleviate the symptoms. While multiple surgeries, high dosages of antibiotics, and frequent prostatic drainings have had little affect, amazingly this stuff has. Even my urologist, who I see twice a month, has commented on the change in the inflammation of the prostate, and the reduced presence of hemophages in my prostatic fluid. I have been taking the supplement for two months and definitely plan on continuing to take it. I think that for myself, and others that suffer from prostate issues, the inflammation is major issue and causes the many painful and frustrating symptoms. After two months of taking the supplement I have went from 4-5 times of getting up at night to 0-1. It has gotten progressively better each week. The general pain in my pelvis has also markedly improved. My own experience these past two months and the objective findings of my urologist really convince me of the efficacy of this supplement. I am hoping that after a few more months some of the other symptoms of my prostatitis will also improve. 5 stars without any reservation. Hope it works for you as well as it has worked for me”.

Crown Hoffman “I am taking this product in response to a flareup of chronic prostatitis. I have suffered from acute exacerbations of this condition just twice, once a few years ago, and once recently. This last bout convinced me to take a proactive approach and prevent another occurrence. I must say that I have noticed a considerable difference since taking the product and I intent to continue taking it proactively as part of my vitamin and supplement regimen. I have only been taking the product for less than a month but it has already had a profound effect on the way I feel. Glad I found this product as taking each included supplement separately would be bothersome.”

Pistachio I have been a practicing physician for greater than 30 years, so when the symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) appeared, I anticipated embarking on the standard pharmacologic prescription based therapeutics many of my patients have been utilizing. My field of medicine does not involve treatment of patients with BPH so, although I am very familiar with these medications, I do not prescribe them as part of my practice. I did research dealing with the various approaches to BPH treatment and came across this product, Prost-P10X. A review of the literature associated with Prost-P10X and the backround-rationale for its formulation was very favorable. It also appeared to be worthy of a trial especially given it’s potential for a beneficial response without a risk for significant adverse side effects. I felt a two month trial would be reasonable before the consideration of prescription therapy. Three weeks after instituting Prost-P10X, there was a very substantial improvement in my BPH symptoms.

I am very pleased with the excellent response this product has offered. The use of Prost-P10X is quite easy and it has not been associated with any side effects. The individual packaging of a single day’s dose also has facilitated it’s use.

It is certainly advisable that individuals with symptoms suggestive of BPH seek evaluation by their physician to exclude more serious prostate and other possible urologic conditions, however if subsequent diagnosis confirms BPH, Prost-P10X would be a reasonable first therapeutic option.”

Timothy H. Birchett “Timine” “I am 62 yrs old and my PSA jump from 0.79 ng/ml (normal) in February 2011 to 14.566 ng/ml (abnormal) April 2012. My Urologist planned a prostate biopsy, fortunately the diagnosis was a benign enlarge prostate. But I was still dealing with frequent urination especially at night. Then one morning I was awaken by a dull aching pang between my legs and every morning there after like an alarm clock. While talking to my Urologist he suggested strongly prostate surgery. Well, from all I read about prostate surgery. I was encouraged to take personal responsibility for my ageing prostate by self-educating myself. I’ve tried many other prostate herbal extracts with varying success. But my daily morning wake-up pang was still troublesome. Further reading about Prostatitis led me to Prost-P10x. So I tried it and after weeks into using Prost-P10x, I surprisingly roused one morning without that very scary dull ache. A month later, I cancelled my prostate surgery appointment and to my great surprise my Urologist told me my PSA was 0.795 ng/ml (normal) March 2013. I’m still dealing with frequent urination but it is no where like it was before using Prost-P10x. I am confidant that with continue Prost-10x usage along with Kegel exercises will be very beneficial in getting a restful night sleep.”

Bridget Patrick “LifeLongLearner” “Husband (age 74) tried all the TV-advertised products…no results. This has been an ongoing search for something to help him get a good night’s sleep. He was getting up almost every hour some nights and never “emptied out.” Prost-P10x had several ingredients other products cited (beta-sitosterol and saw palmetto) but there were other natural supplements we had never heard of and looked into. Natural solutions take longer. By the end of the first order his sleep patterns have improved enough to order a second. Most nights he gets up twice now and that is early in the night. Then it is good, uninterrupted sleep until morning.”

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More customers of Prost-P10x who have provided reviews:

“EXCELLENT PRODUCT FOR PROSTATE HEALTH”, May 25, 2013  Dr. Chris Gelenter (Arkansas)

“It works!”, June 18, 2012 Halister “HSB” (OC, CA)

“Excellent Supplement”, January 8, 2012  Ryan Hann

“Excellent Quality Product”, August 18, 2013, Dr. SJA (Specialist), Tustin, CA

“Prost P10x Helps my Urine Flow”, December 6, 2011 Robert Stoddard (Lexington, VA United States)

“I Sleep Through The Night”, February 20, 2013 Jim P

“Can’t live without it now!”, February 12, 2013 Mo

“There is a lot of value here”, December 6, 2012 D. Guinther (Madison, WI)

“It exceeded my expectations”, October 16, 2012 JLevine

“Prost-P10x. My husband says it’s the best.”, March 12, 2013 Jaemar

“I believe Prost-P10x works !!!!!!!!!!!!”, March 5, 2013 Manuel A Maseda

“Great supplement!”, October 19, 2012 Jeff S.

“Time to Reorder”, October 13, 2012 Sharon A.

“Prost-P10x it works”, December 2, 2011 Dean Mikesell


“FIVE STARS FOR PROSTATE HEALTH”, February 9, 2013 Elizabeth Du Prell (CA)

“Finally – Relief!”, January 24, 2013 Richard Osborn (Minneapolis MN USA)

“The Best Product I’ve found for my Prostate”, January 23, 2013 Nathan White

“Really helped my dad”, January 20, 2013 Joane

“Effective Product”, October 25, 2012 Michael A. (Maryland)

“Excellent!”, May 1, 2013 Daniel G. McNeil (FORT MILL, SC, US)

“Night-time urination down”, April 11, 2013 Donald Gates “donald” (LA, CA USA)

“Guys this product works!!”, March 28, 2013 Peter Jessy (Chicago, IL USA)

“Best product I have tried so far for prostate”, March 26, 2013 Luis

“It works for me like nothing else has”, March 18, 2013 Henry F. French

“A Supplement that works”, May 20, 2013 Mark Staedtler “Mark” (Los Angeles, CA)

“Great Product !”, May 14, 2013 I. Ashley (USA)

“Best on the market”, May 10, 2013 mozell house

“Excellent Product”, May 8, 2013 Brian (Arizona)

“At last, Something that works”, August 2, 2013 s.tony (duluth, ga United States)

“Good product”, August 1, 2013 – William Humphrey “innkeeper  (puerto rico)

“Seems Like a Quality Product”, July 25, 2013 RobertL (Great Northwest)

“The best thing to take”, July 25, 2013 Unique

“Prost-P10x a product of class”, July 7, 2013 Alban S.

“It just works”, June 20, 2013 philp3

“Fast Service Good Product”, June 16, 2013 Solomon O. Onita

“My husband says this is working”, June 3, 2013 Irene M Oleksiuk

“Excellent Improvement”, May 27, 2013 Pistachio

“Help at last.. “, May 21, 2013 Timothy H. Birchett “Timine” (Philly)

“So far, so good.”, May 1, 2013 GN

“Great product”, April 19, 2013 Alex IIAF

“An Effective,Comprehensive Formula for the Prostate”, April 1, 2013 Rodney L. Evans (Norfolk,VA USA)

“It’s the best”, March 26, 2013 Alan D.MacDonald

“Great so far”, January 25, 2013 Deborah M

“Working great! Noticeable changes!”, June 7, 2013 Crown Hoffman

“Prost-P10x Passed My Personal Test”, March 25, 2012 R. Bazar

“Seems to be working great”, December 9, 2011 GW “Woodbear” (Pittsburgh, PA)

“Not a miracle cure but definitely works!”, May 6, 2012  Dutch

“Prost-P10x really helps!”, August 8, 2012 Brian Burton

“So Far So Good”, March 4, 2013  Kel Bud “tkp” (Marion, AR)

“Surprised by the good results”, December 25, 2012  Robin Hood (NJ, USA)

“I think it works.”, August 29, 2012 A Buyer (Queens, NY)

“Helpful despite my skepticism”, April 1, 2013 BWylde “musicaldoctor” (Atlanta)

“Gave me a boost”, March 14, 2013 GWB

“Expensive but worth it…”, October 15, 2012  Lewis Tagliaferre “lewtag” (Springfield, VA)

“It’s working well…my situation is improving.”, June 28, 2013 TxPilgrim (Texas)

“Helped a lot”, June 26, 2013 Jody Loker

“Last ditch effort pays off…”, May 18, 2013 Bridget Patrick “LifeLongLearner” (NY)

“Simply said, seems to work”, April 29, 2013 John Wells “provo papa” (Provo, UT USA)

“It Works!”, April 17, 2013  cheryl 

“good stuff”, April 15, 2013 Reno Rich (reno, nv United States)

“seems to work”, January 26, 2013 BB Jones

“Try this product.”, March 4, 2013 Leonard Barchie

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BREAKING NEWS: *Douglas Laboratories, the manufacturer of Prost-P10x, was rated the #1 Healthcare Practitioner Brand in 2013 by a survey conducted by Over 10,000 supplement users reported their satisfaction with 1,438 brands and 851 supplement merchants. In the report responses are analyzed by respondent age, gender and level of supplement use. Read more

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